Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Got $162.90 worth of products today at Rite Aid for only -6.67!!!!

Yes you read that right, I got $162.90 worth of products for only -6.67 cents!!  Grant it, I didn't factor in any tax which was $6.14-----still -.53!!

So this was my first trip to Rite Aid and I was very nervous because I had a bunch of coupons AND I was going to make 4 different transactions.  Needless to say there was only 1 hiccup and the lady was really nice.

Okay, the original price of all the products was $162.90 but everything I bought was on sale.  Just on the sale price I saved $52.44.  Then I had $48.55 worth of coupons.  Then I got back $7 in +UP rewards which works just like cash.  And last, they have their own rebate system and I will be getting a check from them for $55.88, plus I am submitting for a mail-in-rebate for $6. 

So even though Ingles here isn't as great for me as Publix, I have found Rite Aid rocks!!!!

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