Saturday, October 9, 2010

Make a pumpkin tie-dye shirt

These shirts are sooo easy to make and super cute.  I made them last year and wanted to do it again. 

All you need is a box of powder or liquid dye, I used a box of RIT, a white t-shirt, hot water and a bucket or large pot, you can even use your sink or your washing machine.

First you have to decide where you want to place the rubber bands. Then everywhere you want a pumpkin, pinch up the fabric where you want the center of the pumpkin to be and band it.  The smaller the pinch, the smaller your pumpkin will be.  Then I just banded the sleeves.

This one has a big pumpkin so the "pinch" was bigger with more fabric.

After you have arranged all your rubberbands you are ready to dye!  Decide where you want to dye.  This time I used a really big cooking pot.  Last year I used a 5 gallon plastic bucket.  You will fill the container with hot water and add your dye.  There are insturctions on the package and it is very easy to follow.  For the pot I used the stovetop method and for the bucket I used the bucket method.  After you followed all the instructions on package and have achieved your desired color, your shirt is ready to be washed and dried.

Just wash in cold water with mild detergent and then dry.  You are now ready to add faces!!  I just used a regular sharpie black marker.  You could use fabric paint if you want, but my sharpie faces lasted all year.  The picture of the next shirt is the one I  made last year.  It is a little lighter because I didn't dye it as long and it has probably faded a little.  I have also seen some pictures on the internet where people have added green stems.  It is all completely up to you, get as creative as you want.

Now enjoy your new shirt!!

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