Friday, October 15, 2010

Wall Vinyl Stickers $40 for $20

I love wall stickers and today Zulily has great deal on them.  For $20 you can get $40 worth of products, does not include tax or shipping.  This owl one is only $30.  There are so many great designs to pick from, even some more grown up.  This will be good at lot26 if you want to check it out before you buy.  And when you are ready, head here and buy your voucher.  This deal ends the 21st

The details:


Dress up your home the easy way with removable sticker art. Throughout life, we've committed to a lot of things. Most notably, parenthood. So why is decorating still a question mark? We've finally settled on paint colors. But when it comes to finishing our walls, we are a blank slate. What if the mirror we choose for the entryway would actually look better in the bathroom? We don’t want holes in the wall. If the stencil we try in Baby's room, doesn't work out, we'll end up with too much cover-up painting to do. That's why we love the beautiful removable adhesives from Lot 26 Studio: we can easily move them from place to place. Decorating with big stickers feels like playing, just the way decorating should. 

$40 is enough to transform a room with sticker couture. Lot 26 Studio offers oodles of graphics in a variety of categories. We especially love the mirrored butterflies for bedrooms, the zoo-themed alphabet for the nursery, and the chandelier for behind the kitchen table. 

Categories include:
  • The Dorm and Decorative Arts sections with Add-Heres™ removable, moveable peel-and-stick designs
  • The Burnish section with ornate, single-use silhouette graphics
  • The Mirror section with peel-and-stick multi-shaped mirrors
  • The Words section with rub-on words and sayings
  • The Baby section with Art-U-Stick motifs designed for babies and toddlers

Lot 26 Studio creates their own designs, drawing inspiration from Parisian trends. Their larger-than-life adhesive decals can be applied to walls, mirrors-virtually any surface that's big enough. The Studio offers the widest variety of decals available in their different categories. It's your one-stop shop for adhesive wall art and graphics.

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