Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another program that you can load coupons onto a store card

Buy Groceries Today, Pay For College Tomorrow!
 Alright, so this program is a little more know, but if you haven't heard of them or haven't signed up yet do so now.  Anyways, as far as coupons go, you can pick the coupons they have and put it on your store cards.  Anytime you buy that product and scan your store card it will deduct the coupon amount.  The nice thing is you will still be able to use a paper coupon, so double the savings!!

This program does more than just coupons.  If you link up your credit or debit cards, you can save anytime you make a purchase anywhere.  It's only cents at a time but it adds up.  You can even get grandparents to join and name your child as the recipient.

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