Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Got 2 products in the mail to test!!!

So yesterday and today I received two different products in the mail to test.  Unfortunately I can't take any pictures and show you because it is all hush hush, but I am super excited that I got them.  The one that I got yesterday was from doing a brief survey which led to them sending me their product to test.  This survey was from Opinion Outpost.  I have been a member with them for a while and really like them.  Surveys are awarded in points and every point is worth .10 cents.  So a 20 point survey is worth $2.  You can cash out with them after only $5 through a check, amazon giftcard, or citi virtual or physical giftcard!  I just recently started taking surveys again and I already have $14.50.

The one that I got today came from Viewpoints.  I haven't played around with this site but I know that you can get samples from them and in this case whole products to test. 

Two great sites to check out and maybe you will be qualified to test something new!

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